One Game a Month!

I am totaly participating in this! Today is my start. Good luck to me!

This year is for learning java. It's new for me (however as3 quite similar). Going to participate as many jams and compos as possible.



"Evil Sun" Main Theme

Evil Sun (will be released soon) main theme soundtrack by Phil Situmorang. Check this out:



DNA is some sort of game that I made for LD48 competition #24. It was hard to make it with my artist skills, but still it is something finished enoungh and made in 48 hours (actually work was about 20 hours).

Post mortem on Ludum Dare blogs: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/2012/08/27/dna-short-post-mortem/


Ludum Dare #24

Looking forward to participate in this competition that starts in less then 18 hours to go! I'm going to create a finished game in 48 hours. I'm going to use pure flash with no frameworks except standard flash classes.
Probably I'm going to stream all proccess here: http://twitch.tv/kefir_msk
My twitter here: https://twitter.com/michael_miriti
Here is my Ludum Dare account: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/author/kefir/

Can't wait!


Late debug *.swf files in browser

Here is a little trick that I use in Flinjin for debug string output. Sometimes you need to make some late debug in browser. Some cases may be only available in browser. So here it is:

public class Logger
	public static function log(message:String):void
		if (ExternalInterface.available)
			ExternalInterface.call("console.log", text);

Now use Logger.log instead of default trace function and you can see all trace messages directly in browser console (i.e. Google Chrome's JavaScript console). It can be very useful!


128k Racing Game

Most chellenging for me contest on igdc.ru (former code.rpro.ru). The goal was to create racing game in 128Kib with NO external resources. I was enought with little less then 56k. No sound was used. Textures and car's meshes was packed in code with constant arrays of pixels and vertexes. Road was generated radomly on each race.
Writen in Delphi 7, pure WinAPI and pure OpenGL API. EXE packed with UPX.