128k Racing Game

Most chellenging for me contest on igdc.ru (former code.rpro.ru). The goal was to create racing game in 128Kib with NO external resources. I was enought with little less then 56k. No sound was used. Textures and car's meshes was packed in code with constant arrays of pixels and vertexes. Road was generated radomly on each race.
Writen in Delphi 7, pure WinAPI and pure OpenGL API. EXE packed with UPX.


Escape the Office

One of the first expirience in flash game programming. Escape-the-room type game made for igdc.ru "Quest" contest in summer 2010. Graphics made in Flash IDE by me (that's why it is so ugly).


Untitled Game

This bugous, ugly, but completed enough game (prototype) I made for flashgamedev.ru contest in the begining of 2012. Gameplay is inspired by Cursor*10 and Chronotron. Three levels. Made less then in 7 days.

Behold: Beings!

Behold! Microstrategy by Dmitry Grouzdev (from Karma Team & OUEO factory). Not finished. But you can check out original idea.
Music by Philip Situmorang.

More than Madness

This game made for igdc.ru (former code.rpro.ru) "(side)scroller" contest in october and november 2005. Still it is one of most completed and funnyest games I ever made.
I made number of references to my favorite games and movies:
- The Matrix
- Battletoads & Double Dragon
- Max Payne (sounds taken from Max Payne II game)
- you can find more
Also it just filled with crazy ideas.

It was very interesting to make this game. It was writen in Delphi 7 using OpenGL and WinAPI (also stupid hack with DelphiX for DxSound support). I think it was most pushing forward expirience of gamemaking in my life.

You can check out the game and it's source code here. I have a problems running this game in Win7, but it's running just fine with turned on WinXP SP2 compatibility. Also it's running well in WINE.

And yes.. it is A LOT of bugs in this game. Don't be scared if game will crush like this:

Some more screenshot:


Here is one unfinished work made in cooperation with artist Dmitry Gorbachev in one week for igdc.ru "Jumper" contest. Mixture of platform and jamper gameplay. Actually very boring and nothing-is-happening game, but looks very good. And yes, there IS some credit to LIMBO.
Right now no plans to finish this game.