More than Madness

This game made for igdc.ru (former code.rpro.ru) "(side)scroller" contest in october and november 2005. Still it is one of most completed and funnyest games I ever made.
I made number of references to my favorite games and movies:
- The Matrix
- Battletoads & Double Dragon
- Max Payne (sounds taken from Max Payne II game)
- you can find more
Also it just filled with crazy ideas.

It was very interesting to make this game. It was writen in Delphi 7 using OpenGL and WinAPI (also stupid hack with DelphiX for DxSound support). I think it was most pushing forward expirience of gamemaking in my life.

You can check out the game and it's source code here. I have a problems running this game in Win7, but it's running just fine with turned on WinXP SP2 compatibility. Also it's running well in WINE.

And yes.. it is A LOT of bugs in this game. Don't be scared if game will crush like this:

Some more screenshot:

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